National Treasures format rolls into 2023!

EZ Films’ social history format continues its roll-out with four new series starting in 2023 across the world. Working with diverse broadcasters including ABC (Australia), NZTV (New Zealand) A-Punt (Spain, Valencia) and TV3 (Spain, Catalunya), each version of the show is a positive and inclusive spin on history. The format uniquely  opens up the authorship of history to members of the public, collecting and curating historical objects in personal possession for an exhibition in a national museum partner. The format was originally commissioned in 2018 by RTÉ in Ireland and since then, it has been distributed in over 20 territories. It’s a multi-platform format taking the form of a campaign, roadshow, a tv series, an exhibition and a book. 2023 is the most successful year for the format and its roll-out looks set to continue to grow in the coming.